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Photo gallery from ILPC2012 Stockholm

Paul Thompson at ilpc2012 book launch

Paul Thompson at ilpc2012 book launch

keynote-foto-ilpc2012opening joan greenabaum

Keynote at ilpc2012 opening Joan Greenbaum


Michel Freyssenet, key note speaker, and Tommaso Pardi

ilpc2012 Aula Magna in morning sun before ilpc opening  2012-03-26 06.58.22

Aula Magna in morning sun before ilpc2012 opening

ilpc volvo uddevalla  symposium ingemar göransson

Volvo Uddevalla symposium Ingemar Göransson speaking

Volvo symposium: Walking Lennart Nilsson. Seated Hikari Nohara, Åke Sandberg, Anders Boglind, Martin Kuhlmann, Michel Freyssenet. Not in picture: Ingemar Goransson

Volvo symposium: Walking Lennart Nilsson. Seated Hikari Nohara, Åke Sandberg, Anders Boglind, Martin Kuhlmann, Michel Freyssenet. Not in picture: Ingemar Göransson

Carin Hakansta reading paper

Carin Håkansta presenting paper in worklife research symposium

At a seminar

Attentive audience at a seminar

At the reception in the Golden Hall reception

At the reception in the Golden Hall reception

 Åke Sandberg (one of the conference organizers) in the Stockholm City Hall supporting the torch of Stockholm's patron St Erik (photo staged by Kennet Abrahamsson)

Åke Sandberg (one of the organizers) in Stockholm City Hall supporting the torch of Stockholm’s patron St Erik (photo staged by Kenneth Abrahamsson, FAS)

Stadshuset, the 'Blue Hall' from upstairs outside the Golden Hall

Stadshuset, the ‘Blue Hall’ from upstairs outside the Golden Hall

Reception at the City Hall, Professors Paul Thompson, Chris Smith and Mrs Margaretha Björk, President of Stockholm City Council

Reception at the City Hall, Professors Paul Thompson, Chris Smith and Mrs Margaretha Björk, President of Stockholm City Council

ilpc2012, Stockholm city hall reception, Joan Greenbaum, key note speaker, to the right Ernst Hollander, left Åke Sandberg

Joan Greenbaum, key note speaker, Ernst Hollander, Åke Sandberg (left) leaving the reception in the City Hall

Ilpc book launch -  Are bad jobs inevitable -  seen from above

Ilpc book launch – Are bad jobs inevitable – seen from above

Book launch ILPC 040

Participants at the book launch

Chris Warhurst  and Fredrik Movitz (one of the conference organizers) with books and wine

Chris Warhurst and Fredrik Movitz (one of the conference organizers) with books and wine

 Eric Verdier, Beatrice Appay and Åke Sandberg (left) - in front of colourful painting by Hilding Linnqvist: 'Evening in Arcachon, in Aula foyer'

Eric Verdier, Beatrice Appay and Åke Sandberg (left) – in front of colourful painting by Hilding Linnqvist: ‘Evening in Arcachon, in Aula foyer’

ilpc2013 annuncing Rutgers

Words of welcome to ilpc2013 from Heather McKay from Rutgers Universiyt, in front of Hilding Linnqvists wall painting

ilpc2012 dinner Joan Greenbaum and Egil Skorstad  2012-03-28 22.38.08

Joan Greenbaum and Egil Skorstad at conference dinner

  Programme book ILPC 2012 While editing this gallery and adding new photos all captions and longer descriptions disappeared, and the layout of the page was all mixed up. Anyone who knows wordpress editing, please contact ‘webmaster’ on how to move around pictures and make a nice layout. – The captions I just managed!   🙂


Stefan Löfven: Decent capitalism — Unions in the world

A talk like this could have been an additional element in our closing Plenary panel on ‘the Scandinavian Model in international perspective’, hadn’t Stefan Löfven just been elected new leader of the Swedish Social Democratic party – which meant he had quite a lot to do after a period of crisis for the party. The panel had researchers, and labour market parties but no one from politics. Löfvens interesting talk ends up concluding that there is a need for a global compromise between labour and capital. So the Swedish model of ‘the middle way’ seems to be still alive. The talk was given at a seminar on ‘Decent capitalism‘ in Nov. 2011.

Stefan Löfven was a metal worker, became chairperson of the Metal Workers union and now leader ofthe Social democrats. He is interested in both industrial development and competitiveness and in workplace development and education and research.  Ever since the closing of the Arbetslivsinstitutet/ NIWL he has been arguing for the need for a new Working life research institute.

Welcome to the Sociology Dept and Aula Magna

A beautiful morning walk, crispy early spring, sun is rising over the National City Park Djurgården, and the Frescati Campus. Pictures taken this morning on my way from the underground station via Aula Magna to the Sociology Department. See you all soon here.  /Åke

Symposium: What have we learnt from Volvo Uddevalla? – Download book.

In one of the symposia we return to Volvo’s Uddevalla plant, ‘twenty years after’. The objective of this symposium is to discuss the influences of Reflective Production, implemented by Volvo in its Uddevalla plant, on the industry and on labour process research.

Through a holistic approach of learning, work and cooperation and parallel work stations, allowing two workers to assemble a whole car in four hours, the reflective production had begun to reverse the process of intellectual division of labour and to achieve performances at least equal to those obtained in assembly lines. In the 90’s, Volvo renounced to pursue in this way. But some aspects of reflective production were adopted by other companies, especially in Japan.

Do we know better today the reasons for the development and subsequent abandonment of Reflective Production? What was and is the importance of labour market conditions, employment relations, worker qualifications, management styles and even individual managers, the role of engineers, trade union strength and strategy, the factories autonomy or integration in production networks, brand strategies? In other terms, what are the conditions of viability of Reflective Production? Are they specific to the Swedish context or is it possible to find them elsewhere?

The panelists, who are actors and researchers in the field, will propose their analysis developed over the last twenty years. The participants come from France, Germany, Japan and Sweden. You will find more on the symposium in the Programme Book.

Some of the participants in this symposium contributed to a book that may serve as a background to the discussions: Enriching Production. Perspectives on Volvo’s Uddevalla Plant as an alternative to lean production, Avebury 1996. The book may now be downloaded for free at or at  Michel Freyssenet is one of the organizers of this symposium, together with Anders Boglind.  On Michels site alone Enriching Production has beend downloaded 8.000 times.

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Conference Programme & Abstracts + Timetable

Updated Febryary 23.Final Timetable and Final Programme

We are glad to publish now our  Book of ILPC_2012_Programme and Abstracts. You will find the whole programme: Keynote talks by Michel Freysenet (Paris) and Joan Greenbaum (New York), the plenary round table o the ‘Scandinavian model in perspective’, five symposia, special streams and almost 200 papers.

Now, enjoy reading about all the interesting sessions that will happen. And on the social side: the Stockholm city reception on Tuesday  in its wellknown City Hall, and on Wednesday the conference dinner.

Here is now the final version of our ILPC2012 Timetable and Schedule You will find the hours for all presentations, talks, panels etc. It is meant to be printed doublesided to get the best overview of the different sessions during each time slot.

We wish all delegates welcome to the Sociology Department, to Stockholm University and to Stockholm.

Fredrik Movitz     Åke Sandberg     Lotta Stern

Please note: A few papers were cancelled after sending the programme book to the printers. On the other hand, if a paper does not appear, tell us. At the opening of the conference there will be a supplement with all corrections

Jazz/blues and rock/pop in Stockholm – some personal suggestions

Below are some suggestions that I put together for those of you who perhaps come early to Stockholm or leave late, or for late nights during the conference. First some Jjazz and blues venues, then rock and pop. And at the end a listing where you can search want you want.

Fasching is sometimes called ‘the national jazz scene’ with all kinds of jazz of high quality (but seldom new orleans style), often US and other guest artists. Fasching has a bar and restaurant. Often it is a good idea to book a table, if you want to dine and to sit down. Entrance fee  100-300 SEK. Underground (T) T-centralen.

Glenn Miller Café is a small place, so good idea to book a table, but you may stand in the small bar. mussles  No entrance fee but you are supposed to pay minimum 30 SEK per set that you attend. The have a small menu, and I recommend their speciality – moules marinere, moules chowder and other mussels dishes, with pommes frites. But they also have entrecote, veg. dishes etc.  (T) Östermalmstorg or Hötorget.

Stampen is the place in the Old town for trad.jazz and blues. Free entrance on weekdays, Friday and Saturday, two bands, entrance 100-150 SEK. (T) Gamla stan.

From Jazz to rock and pop. Genre demarcations are not sharp as we know, but here are a few suggestions.To find out more google, or go to Dagens Nyheter På Stan listings, see below.

Strand is a venue I highly recommend, has bars, restaurant and music, at (T) Hornstull, on Södermalm of course 😉   Debaser, two establishements, one at (T) Medborgarplatsen, one at (T) Slussen.     Nalen has a bar, restaurant and a main stage for concerts (T) Hötorget or Östermalsmtorg.     Göta källare, restaurant, bar, music stage (T) Medborgarplatsen.  Södra teatern, theatre and concert hall, and adjacent    Mosebacke restaurants and concerts and clubs. (T) Slussen. From the Mosebacke terrace you have a beautiful view over Stockholm, and also from one of the bars.    Pet sounds källare, restaurant and bar with music some evenings in the basement, often Sundays.  Clubs/bars , in the box Guide in the DN listings, check ‘Gå på en klubb’. In the Old Town, not so far from Stamepn you will find   Engelen, beer and rock cover bands.

If you want to search for events the best on line guide is of course in Swedish, from the daily Dagens Nyheter. It is called På Stan. The link here takes you to the list of rock and pop concerts ‘today’.  Besides ‘Guide’ you choose type of activity (konsert, klubb, äta=restaurant etc). ‘Datum’: idag=today, i morgon=tomorrow. ‘Typ av konsert’ is evident. You may also type the name of the establishment in the box. –  Now that you all know some Swedish — good luck in the Stockholm night.

… to be continued, if I get the time…

Åke Sandberg /one of your conference organizers

Restaurants – a few suggestions on Södermalm

Where to go for dinner or a drink. For people like you is is probably Södermalm island, served by three tube stops (T)  from north to south: Slussen, Medborgarplatsen and Skanstull. Around Medborgarplatsen and on streets like Skånegatan and Bondegatan you will find many nice eateries and bars. (For instance after City Hall reception you can take blue bus no 3 to get to Skanstull.)

Some of my favourites are the following, that you can easily google for address and menu. The first four have a central euorpena or Swedish kitchen and a focus on beer: Kvarnen, Soldaten Svejk, Östgötakällaren and Pelikan. The first three are located close to Medborgarplatsen, Pelikan closer to Skanstull (my own tube stop). Also there are of course several Indian and Greek around. A very good Chineese is Restaurant … China (T) Skanstull at Östgötagatna/Ringvägen. Marie Laveau at  (T) Mariatorget serves carribian food and drinks, and often has a club / disco. – Around Medborgarplatsen there are many bars, one of my favourites is Pet Sounds Bar (sometimes live music), and also Nada.

A bit more expensive, and very good are for instance: Indian Garden (T) Medborgarplatsen, Bistro Sud with Scandinavian and cuisine francaise (T) Mariatorget,

Have a nice meal and nice beers.  /Åke