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Keynotes: Michel Freyssenet and Joan Greenbaum

April 3, 2012

Both keynote talks are now uploaded. Why not leave a comment?

Here is Joan Greenbaum‘s powerpoint presentation for those who like to remember the talk, because as we all know, the trick is not in the slides, but all in the talking. Her talk was about Political Economy of mobile technologies in everyday work and life

And here is a revised version of Michel Freyssenet’s talk on The intellectual division of labour: a stake in the current crisis? As the talk was compact and complex in its structure we think it will be useful and interesting reading also for those who participated in the session. Come to this site within a few days to read about 

Why not leave a comment below?At the opening plenary session there was, as is often the case in plenary sessions, only only a few minutes left  for questions, answers and discussion, so may we suggest that you use the possibility to leave a comment upon the presentations here in the blog, perhaps on how the ilpc tradition may be related to the ideas of the keynote speakers, or any other issue. Would be interesting to try a virtual Q&A session, both for those of you in Stockholm and those who could not. Environmentally friendly and egalitarian!

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  1. I hope to see some of you commenting here. Would be a way of keeping the ilpc conversation going also between the conferences. At the conference there were e.g. comments, both during the session and after, on similarities and differences between the common ilpc analyses and those of Michel and Joan. What do you think?

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