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ILPC 2012 Book launch: Are Bad Jobs Inevitable?

November 8, 2011

Together with Palgrave, the ILPC publishes at least one themed volume a year, predominantly consisting of papers or authors connected to the conference, launching it at next year’s conference. As a conference attendant, you will receive a personal copy of the volume as part of the registration fee (co-sponsored by the conference and Palgrave).

We are happy to announce that the title of the volume to be launched at ILPC 2012 in Stockholm is: Are Bad Jobs Inevitable? Trends, Determinants and Responses to Job Quality in the Twenty-First Century, edited by Chris Warhurst, Françoise Carré, Patricia Findlay and Chris Tilly

The Editors description of the book:

Job quality matters.  It contributes to economic competitiveness, social cohesion and personal well-being. This book focuses on bad jobs. It was once assumed that these jobs would disappear. The reality is different; bad jobs persist and recently some good jobs have become worse. Whilst it is recognised that bad jobs are a problem, there is little evidence of a coherent policy response. The contents of this book address the question ‘are bad jobs inevitable?’ The contents are global in scope, draw upon new and multidisciplinary approaches, employ methods ranging from statistics to case studies, and draw out lessons from policy and practice from Europe, North America and Australia. The contributions from leading international scholars outline debates, developments, issues and trends in job quality; define and measure bad jobs; explain variation and change in job quality; and identify workplace practices and broader non-workplace strategies for making bad jobs better.

The conference books are published by Palgrave as the Critical Perspectives on Work and Employment series. For further information on the series contact Irena Grugulis on

For more information on the book series and a list of previous volumes, please visit the official ILPC homepage

Fredrik Movitz, Åke Sandberg, Lotta Stern


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