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Facilities for ad-hoc meetings

November 8, 2011

The International Labour Process Conference in itself never fails to be an interesting and inspiring event. But apart from this, the conference is also great opportunity to reconnect with old acquaintances and meet new colleagues from across the globe, and to do so while away from the everyday impositions of e.g. teaching and administration.

In order to facilitate face-to-face meetings for discussing e.g. future research proposals, book projects, we will book a limited number of seminar/class rooms at Stockholm University in relation to the first and last day of the conference, i.e. before lunch on the 27th and after lunch on the 29th of March.

If you are interested in booking such a room, please contact the local organizers as soon as possible at For booking purposes, please inform us of the estimated number of participants and when you would like to have the room (before lunch on the 27th, or after lunch on the 29th).

The seminar rooms will be offered free of charge to attendants to the ILPC 2012. But since Stockholm University, in adherence to new public management ideas, use internal debiting for rooms, there is a limit to the number of rooms we can offer. Please do not ask us to book a room if you do not intend to use and let us know as soon as possible if you no longer require a previously booked room so that we can offer it to other delegates.

Fredrik Movitz, Åke Sandberg, Lotta Stern


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