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Q&A: info, papers, panels, fees, language …

October 25, 2011

Questions we got and our answers

1. How to get more information? Get basic information and announcement at the conference homepage. Get updates and additional information also in this blog. To know more, get a free account at the homepage, and you will get access to more detailed information. Also to get updates continuously, subscribe to this blog via the RSS  button in the top right corner of the blog page.

2. Can I organize a session, a panel with three papers? No you cannot. You can organize a symposium, e.g. in the form of an open  panel discussion, but no paper presentations. Papers are submitted and evaluated individually and grouped in sessions by us in the organizational committee. Se more on this  in a blog post.

3. How do I submit a symposium/panel discussion? You submit a suggestion for a symposium via the homepage in a way similar to submission of a paper. To submit multiple names for a symposium, simply list them (and their affiliation) in the same box where you describe what the suggested symposium is about.  Please note that this is not the registration form for actually attending the conference. Once the registration opens in December 2011, each participant will have to register individually via the conference homepage.

4. Which languages are used? English is the working language for the whole conference. But we will urge presenters, especially those with English as their native language, to speak slowly and clearly, respecting those participants that have not English as their first language. Bringing and handing out powerpoint presentations or summaries may also be helpful.

5. Must I present a paper? No you are very welcome also without presenting a paper. And the conference is open not only to researchers, but also to policymakers and practitioners in working life, companies, unions and organizations.

6. What deadlines are there? To present a paper and to suggest a symposium the deadline is October 31st, submit on the homepage. Later we will inform about the latest date you must pay if you want to appear in the conference programme.

7. What is the cost? When do I have to pay? How do I register? Information about the fee and when to pay the fee will be announced on the homepage in December, when registration for the conference opens.

Fredrik Movitz, Åke Sandberg, Lotta Stern


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