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Papers, symposia and panels

October 24, 2011

Judging from proposals and questions we get, we believe we have been somewhat unclear in trying to present the idea of a symposium and its relation to presentation of papers. And we learn that earlier ilpc organizers have met the same questions.

Deadline for all proposals is October 31. All proposals are sent in via the conference website where you must first log in. Abstracts for papers are submitted either to the ‘general conference‘ or to one of the four streams. At the conference papers are grouped into sessions, each paper is presented and there is time for discussion, and then comes the next paper; the traditional academic paper seminar.

If you want to propose a symposium it is not formally related to papers. Neither is it part of a stream, but may of course be related to the theme of a stream. A symposium is meant to be something else than a traditional paper session. The form might be e.g. a panel discussion, with a few participants giving their different points of view on a given subject. Or it might be a moderator questioning participant in a panel. We are open to various formats, but a  symposium should ideally have an international composition and a broad spectrum of perspectives on the issue discussed.

Participants do not present papers in the symposium and it is not a forum for a sequence of monologues but for dialogue and debate. But during the symposium participants may of course bring handouts to facilitate communication with the audience.

As individuals participants in a symposium may of course also submit abstracts of full papers to be presented in the ‘general conference’.  Papers that are accepted will be grouped into sessions by the organizing committee, based upon the subject of the paper. So papers that have much in common will be put in the same session.

We hope this makes the issue of papers, symposia and streams somewhat more clear. And you are welcome to contribute to the clarity by commenting this blog post here.

Åke Sandberg


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