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Tomas Tranströmer: Nobel Laureate in Literature Stockholm University alumnus

October 17, 2011

All participants in the ILPC2012 will be invited to a reception in Stockholm city hall.  That is where the Nobel prize dinner will take place mid-December, and we will be there March 27.

“The 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded on Thursday October 6 to the Swedish poet Tomas Tranströmer. During the 1950s Tomas Tranströmer read literature and poetics at Stockholm University College, which in 1960 became Stockholm University.

Tomas Tranströmer
Photo © Ulla Montan. Courtesy: Albert Bonniers Förlag

Tomas Tranströmer studied literature history and poetics, the history of religion, and psychology at Stockholm University. In 1956 he gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in the same subjects. After completing his studies, Tomas Tranströmer was employed in 1957 as an assistant at the Institution for Psychometrics at Stockholm University.

MLA style: “The Nobel Prize in Literature 2011 – Bio-bibliography”. 7 Oct 2011

Source: Stockholm University website

On a more personal note: Tomas Tranströmer lives in the summer on the Stockholm Archipelago island Runmarö, where family members used to work  as pilots for boats navigating towards Stockholm. (Novelist and playwright August Strindberg also lived on the island several summers in the late 20th century. ) Every year there are readings of poetry and other texts and in 2006 it was the poetry of  Tomas Tranströmer. On the picture below also his wife Monica and author Maria Lundquist who read his poems.

Personally I have long been using a quote from Tomas Tranströmer as a motto in various context. It is from his short text ‘The Clearing’ from his book ‘The truth barrier’ (1978): ‘Deep in the forest there’s an unexpected clearing that can be reached only by someone who has lost his way’

/Åke Sandberg


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